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Greetings Subroutine!

This transmission explains the basics of Collective: what it is, what it can offer you, how to participate in it, and where it’s going.

If you feel something isn’t explained well enough or you want to know more, ask in the #welcome_lobby or directly from your mentor.

What is Collective?

Collective: a technocratic meritocracy, cutting-edge, automation, unique hive mind theme, equal opportunity, playing to win, and having fun while at it

Collective is a Starbase faction with a strong focus on technological improvement, both in-game and out. We always seek to automate and expand every system and process, never ceasing to reach for the cutting-edge and the meta. We play to win, to be the best in what we do, be it programming, design, combat or economic activities, but do it in a way that everyone gets to do what they enjoy the most.

Becoming One

Subroutine: a member of the Collective, an independent unit that forms the hive mind.

Being a Subroutine is about finding ways to improve what we do and how we do it, seeking out efficient methods for the betterment of the Collective and yourself. Collective prides itself in providing an environment where you can learn skills applicable even IRL. Ever wanted to learn how to program a Discord bot or a website, how to use Blender for modelling, how to lead a small team or how to solve complicated issues inside a small organisation? Join an existing project and learn from the people that know how to do it.

Your Dedication and Skills Matter

Meritocracy: a society where abilities and effort determine position and power.

Technocracy: system where leaders are appointed on the basis of expertise.

Collective is a technocratic meritocracy. Members are given greater operational capacity, authority, and resources based on merit; demonstrated ability to excel. You don’t necessarily need to be perfect or even particularly good at something. If you produce positive results, you will get noticed. Your expertise alone doesn’t result in positions of responsibility. It’s expected that you demonstrate your ability to use those skills for something practical in Collective.

What are the Subnets?

Subnet: an independent branch of the Collective specialized in an area of the game.

Node: an official member of a Subnet. Membership requirements vary.

Collective consists of independently operated branches, somewhat like subfactions, which each take the responsibility over a specific area of the game. Each Subnet shares the principles of Collective, but may otherwise hold very little resemblance to other Subnets. Subnets communicate through Mainframe, a HQ or a council where major policy decisions affecting multiple Subnets are made. They also communicate in the Subnet Panel.

Additionally, there is a system for making new Subnets.

Authority in one Subnet does not give you authority in any other Subnet. You can join as many Subnets as you like through #subnet-selector, but be aware that certain limitations are placed towards how many high ranks you can hold at any given time.

Subnets and their leaders

Core/Kernel: the leader of a Subnet. Trusted to operate it in the way they see best.

Subnet Representative: high ranking member of a Subnet with large authority over it.

Logo Name Purpose Leader(s) Representative(s)
R&D Research And Development: Programming, Ship Design, Art, and more! Solonerus Stimpy-66
Harmonic Diplomacy, PR, recruitment, HR, community management, lore. Archduke, SDGoD IHave
S.W.A.R.M Space Warfare & Advanced Reconnaisance Module. Responsible for all military activity. g.w.a.c.a
Logistical Construction, production, economics, mining, and information management. WhereThatWallAt
Intel Espionage, spying, sabotage, and intelligence gathering. Blargh
Firewall New member vetting, internal security, and other secretive things. Invite only. Zaff

Your position in Subnets

While each Subnet may implement whatever structure it sees fit, some shared positions of responsibility have been established.


Director (often Subnet Representatives)


You may take part in multiple Subnets if you've got diverse skills, interest, and the available time, however, heavy involvement in one will limit your opportunities in another. We advise you to put your time towards the Subnet you enjoy working with the most.

Improving Cohesion

Firewall: internal security, counter-intelligence, integration

Purge Protocol: moderation and community management team.

To maintain a friendly and welcoming environment for everyone, each Subroutine is expected to adhere to certain behavioural standards. Repeated unruly behaviour in Collective or the Starbase community at large is not tolerated. There are rules that Frozenbyte expects us to follow in Starbase and rules that Collective expects you to follow. You should familiarise yourself with both to not risk attracting unnecessary attention from Firewall or Purge Protocol.

This ruleset is not comprehensive and you should use your best judgement on what is and is not acceptable behaviour. When in doubt, open a moderation ticket in #💬contact_us or a firewall ticket in #💬contact_subnets

Don’t hesitate to contact Purge Protocol when any moderation issues arise. Moderating all of Collective accurately is no easy task and our team relies on your reports.

Connection Issues

During your time in the Collective, it is likely that you will have a conflict or a difference of opinion with another Subroutine. This is perfectly natural and does not have to hinder your overall experience of the Collective. Collective tends to be very mature and encourages members to settle their differences through a curious attitude, always hearing out both sides. However, prolonged disharmonious behaviour will not be tolerated.

If a more serious scenario occurs or there are matters that you feel need a closer look at, contact:

Don't Hide Your Opinion

We can’t improve if we don’t know where things are going wrong or how to improve them. Your feedback and opinions matter to us! There are several ways you can represent your feedback:

What is Substrate?

Substrate is an alliance founded by Collective together with like-minded factions. Substrate is highly focused on cooperation and houses an active community consisting of members from multiple factions. If something isn't being done in Collective, chances are there's something for it in Substrate. Many of the in-game services are implemented through Substrate in cooperation with other factions, like ship loans, standard ships, basic training, shared Mumble server, and a shared in-game station. You can join Substrate here.

How to get the most out of Collective

Not sure where to start? This checklist should set you on the right path.





We hope you enjoy your time in Collective and get the opportunity to leave a lasting mark! Together, we can do anything in Starbase. Help us make the impossible possible!

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